October 17-19, 2011 at  Columbia University, New York City


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F. Fiondella (IRI)

Changes in climate and weather affect every person on the planet. Droughts and extreme events, for example, can wreak havoc on agricultural production in the "breadbasket" regions of the world, diminishing global food stocks and roiling international markets. Climate conditions can determine when and where epidemics of diseases such as malaria and meningitis will strike. Shifts in rainfall patterns over a region can increase the likelihood of wildfires and food insecurity in one year, and flooding and mudslides in the next.

Easily accessible and timely scientific information can help societies not only limit the economic and social damage caused by climate-related disasters, but also take advantage of opportunities provided by favorable conditions. Climate services are meant to fill this need. They will ensure that the best available climate science is effectively communicated with agriculture, water, health and other sectors, to develop and evaluate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

We organized the International Conference on Climate Services to initiate a dialogue between experienced climate information providers and those who currently use or wish to use such information. The objective of the ICCS is to ultimately establish a climate services pilot program or network, with support from an international set of partners with experience in the implementation, design or use of climate information and services. We hope the conference will engender expressed commitments from conference participants.

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Jeffrey D. Sachs

International Conference on Climate Services Keynote: Climate Services for Decision and Policy Making Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director
Stephen Zebiak

Welcome and Introduction to the International Conference on Climate Services by Stephen Zebiak, Director-General International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI).
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The Glogal Framework for Climate Services by Jeremiah Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary General, World Meteorological Organisation